Kitchen Cabinet and Storage Tips From Cupboard Warehouse

While kitchen cabinet and storage design may not be as exciting as choosing seating or lighting, this is one of the most important areas to consider when designing a kitchen. From construction to hardware to layout, here are some fantastic tips on what to do, when designing a kitchen's cabinets and storage.

TIP: An island is enormously practical—it defines the layout of the kitchen and is very social. In a large kitchen, it's very effective to use two complementary worktop surfaces to break up the area. It allows for more space to do what you need to do when cooking and looks very aesthetically pleasing and allows for more storage space.

TIP: When short on space, ensure that everything has a place, rather than trying to ensure that everything is in its place. This could mean looking at kitchen cabinets that can make your appliances easier to reach and use, while keeping your pots and plates out of the way.

TIP: Make a stockpile list of everything you need to store in your kitchen, from serving ware and cutlery to gadgets and small appliances, and consider how stocked you like to keep your pantry. Your kitchen design should account for storage of all you kitchen equipment and components. Doing so will make sure that you never run short of space.

TIP: Many kitchens are open to the main living space, so try to design cabinets that create a seamless transition. We have a variety of different colours to choose from to make sure that your kitchen blends in and creates a holistic feel.

TIP: Remember that colours magnify when applied over a larger surface area and can change throughout the day depending on the natural light. An off white like light maple may look quite yellow in the afternoon as the sun baths the kitchen in its warm sunset light. Take a look at our colour options and find the one that you love!

TIP: We look at kitchen cabinets as pieces of furniture that also happen to be highly functional. For the serious cook, workhorse cabinets and shelving are perfect when appliances and function need to take centre stage. For entertainers, our beautiful finishes and crafted details make the kitchen a comfortable, social space. For families, the kitchen should be warm and not too fussy with multi-purpose storage and all of our finishes are easy to clean.

TIP: Be creative with your kitchen storage. We have a range of door designs so you can have the image you want. By using an antique piece of furniture, with some of our designs you can add interest to an otherwise common space or something modern to match some of our other designs.

TIP: We recommend and cater for deep cabinets to hold appliances of all sizes, large or odd sized dishes, and pots and pans. We like to utilize every inch of available space, so our kitchen cabinets are designed to be ergonomic yet have full use and functionality.