Bedrooms Built In Cupboards

We are specialists in cupboards and wardrobes and we have built in wardrobes to match you fashion.

You can reinvent your living spaces such as bedrooms with space saving built in cupboards and wardrobes. This is an investment you won’t regret.

Built in wardrobes are sleek and stylish. They blend into the room with seamless ease creating a truly ergonomic feel. Blended well into the wall, it is out of the way, eye catching and stylish.

Let us design your bedroom cupboards, incorporating the latest trends, to ensure functionality and practicality.

Available in solid or semi-solid wood, beautiful durable melamine in all the latest colours and warp. We specialise in sliding doors and mirror sliding doors.

For the DIY enthusiast the installation of our BIC’s is as easy as pie. Full installation instructions are downloadable from the PDF:

Check Our Documents Below

Bedroom Cupboard Installation
Layout Planning Grid
Wood Door Types
Wrap Door Patterns
Melamine Colours
BIC Cupboard Range